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Vertigo or Dizziness

Dizziness, Spinning Sensation,Nausea or Vomiting, Visual Disturbances, Hearing Loss.

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has expertise in all aspects of General ENT as well as super-specialist knowledge in Head and Neck Surgery, Voice Disorders, Dizziness & Tinnitus, Sinus Disease, and allergy.

* MBBS from Siddhartha Medical College Vijayawada

* DLO/MS from Koti ENT Hospital Osmania University 2000/02

* Gold Medalist for best Postgraduate of the year 2000-2001

* Gold Medalist for best Postgraduate of the year 2001-2002

Specially Trained in Head & Neck Surgeries and Allergy Disorders from Vallabhai Patel Chest Central University New Delhi

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Wax Removal Wax can cause pain / Itching / Ear


Septal Deviation It is a condition in which the nasal


Tonsillectomy Tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure in which both palatine

Head & Neck

Thyroidectomy Thyroidectomy is used to treat thyroid disorders, such as


ntification of Allergy , Immunotherapy , Skin prick Test ,

Speech & Hearing

Hearing Evaluation (Pediatric & Adult) Hearing Aid Audiometry Ear Screening

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